The Rev. Kent Higgins died on March 20, 2023. Born in Oak Hill, WV, on September 5, 1944, he was reared in Fayetteville and died in Charleston – all within 50 miles of each other. His early career was in cable television programming and management, which led to software development and marketing, and in turn to computer network design and management for the State of Florida. He retired as Director of Information Services for Robinson & McElwee PLLC, his brother’s law firm, a position he held for 15 years.

Fr. Higgins found his true calling when he studied and was ordained to the priesthood in The Episcopal Church. He served churches in West Virginia from 2006 until his death and was Dean of the Kanawha Deanery for several years. Kent’s wife Gail said that he was happiest and most himself when he was in church. Kent felt this was true and that in general people doing what they are called to do are happy. Some of his sermons are preserved at http://stepsalongtheway.com. Kent was a member of the WVIS board between 2008 and 2012 and continued to be a generous benefactor in support of WVIS’ mission.

Kent is survived by his wife of 51 years, Gail Carter Vaughan Higgins; his sons, Michael (Jill Khoury) and Christopher (Rochelle Higgins); and his sister-in-law, Patti Hamilton. Those wishing to donate to Kent’s memorial are requested to send checks to New River Episcopal Ministries, c/o St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 345 Kelly Avenue, Oak Hill, WV 25901. Funds received will benefit the ministries in which Kent served.