Satellite Locations

The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality (WVIS) is dedicated to providing space and opportunities for deepening mindfulness, prayer practice, interior peace, and for integrating moral and ethical values. Associate ministry directors act as satellites of WVIS in a relationship of mutual support with this mission at their center. The activities of the satellites are coordinated at monthly meetings led by Reverend Meredith Hutchison and Rindy Trouteaud, PhD (co-conveners).

In addition to the retreat house located in Charleston, West Virginia, WVIS has seven satellite locations located in various areas of the country. Each of these satellites, led by WVIS associate ministry directors, enters into a covenant with WVIS using their shared charism of spiritual direction and creatively using their individual gifts and talents in support of the overall mission. In addition to spiritual direction, associate ministry directors and their teams offer programs and retreats via Zoom as well as in their local geographic communities.

At this time, WVIS has satellite locations in:

Atlanta area, Georgia. Sally Orcutt, O.P., Rindy Trouteaud, PhD, and Laurie Lanzo make up the Atlanta area satellite location. Sally can be reached at sally@sayyes2yourlife.org.

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Paula Osborne leads this satellite location. Paula can be reached at pfo1125@gmail.com.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Cindy Neely and Pat Grebe lead this satellite location. Cindy can be reached at neelycynthia@gmail.com.

Hamden, Connecticut, and Princeton, West Virginia. Sister Ritamary Schulz leads satellites in both of these locations. Sister Ritamary can be reached at rschulz@ascjus.org.

Huntington, West Virginia. Liz Deal leads this satellite location. Liz can be reached at lizjdeal@gmail.com.

Murrysville / Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Reverend Meredith Hutchison leads this satellite location. Meredith can be reached at meredithhutchison@comcast.net.

Toledo, Ohio. Elaine Soper, PhD, and Deacon Tom Soper lead this satellite location. Elaine can be reached at elainesoper@gmail.com.