I was first introduced to centering prayer about five years ago, and it has transformed my life.  Sitting silently with God and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal my heart and mind have enabled me to let go of all that prevented me from discovering my true self, which is God living in me.

Although one can practice centering prayer by oneself, I find that gathering with others to pray silently is especially powerful. For about three years I have met via Zoom with WVIS to pray together. It is a beautiful experience. Our centering prayer begins with a song of praise and ends with a song of praise. I love that because when I pray silently, I feel God’s love and acceptance, and the most appropriate response is praise.

WVIS has a team that gathers Monday through Friday from 7:00 – 7:20 pm (Eastern) every week. People come on days when they are available, but it is nice that there is always a consistent presence in the group. When I get together with the good people at WVIS, I feel God’s presence very powerfully because when we gather together, Christ is with us as He promised He would be. Praying with WVIS on weekday evenings is a beautiful experience of love and community. It is truly a blessing that has deepened my faith. – Ken M.

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